OTM On the Mountain Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod
  • OTM On the Mountain Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod

    The OTM (On the Mountain) is a full-sized, carbon fiber, lite-as-a-feather, work of perfection, shooting tripod. The design and weight of this tripod will make you a better hunter, a better shot, and just an all-around better person (we believe having awesome gear just makes you more awesome!). 


    Total weight is 1.5 lbs and a base height of 55 inches and can be extended to 67 inches tall! It collapses (tent pole fashion) to 18 inches for easy packing.


    The OTM comes with additional bungee cords and a pole connector set that allows you to take two legs, attach them together, and make a large tent pole that you can put a tarp over for cover.


    The OTM is attached to your rifle, spotting scope, or crossbow with our D-Lock system (Quick release picatinny system, swivel ball and socket system for increased mobility and stability, and gun notch that allows you gun to hang while not in use).


    Listen, we only make awesome stuff and we guarantee everything we make.


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