SSTX Subcompact Shooting Tripod Extendable
  • SSTX Subcompact Shooting Tripod Extendable

    The SSTX combines the stability of a bi-pod with the mobility of a 360 degree ball-swivel case. It is compact and can extend from 7 inches to 20 inches in height. Each leg has 3 angles it can be locked in at and the legs can be extended and locked at various lengths. Basically, this must have shooting tripod awesomeness can handle any position to make all your shots dead on! 


    Oh yeah, the SSTX shooting tripod is made from military grade aircraft aluminum, making it 

    super strong and super light (1.5 lbs) and attaches to any Picatinny rail with our quick-connect D-Lock system (so it can stay on your gun).


    As with all our products, is 100% guaranteed! 


    In case you're wondering what to say about this amazing piece of tactical equipment wizardry, let us help you. You say thank you and we say you’re welcome!

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